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Have you thought about Becoming a Major?

Pour obtenir une licence de français vous devez prendre 10 cours après le 202 (c’est à dire au niveau 300 et 400). Pour simplifier le système et vous aider à comprendre, j’ai créé des petits groupes de cours.

French Major – Licence de français  30 crédits

Groupe 1 (6 crédits) mandatory- threshold for minors and majors
Ces deux cours sont obligatoires pour pouvoir faire un mineur ou un majeur en français.
L’idéal est de les prendre simultanément

  • 313 Composition avancée (3)
  • 314 Conversation avancée (3)

Groupe 2 (9 crédits) – 3 cours de littérature ou de civilisation

  • 320  – 326 or 362 (Francophone littérature, civilisation) choisir 1
  • 321- 327 or 363 (Literature, civilisation française) choisir 1
  • Any 320 or 360 course (n’importe quel cours 32x ou 36x) choisir 1

Groupe 3 (9 crédits)

  • 3 cours au niveau 400

Groupe 4 (6 crédits)

  • 2 cours de votre choix en 300 ou 400 y compris l’Internship in Paris ‘stage d’été à Paris’

So what happens in la Rochelle – Que se passe-t-il à la Rochelle ? 🙂

Vous pouvez obtenir les deuxc premiers groupes de cours c’est à dire de 12 à 15 crédits.
You can fulfill pool 1 and 2 (12 to 15 credits) and take French 313, 314, 320, 321, and 363.

Groupe 1 (6 crédits)  – 2 cours

  • 313 Composition
  • 314 Conversation

Groupe 2 (9 crédits) – 3 cours

  • 320  Francophone literature
  • 321- French Literature
  • 363 – French current events

There are more courses, 390, and 400 that can be taken under special conditions. Plus d’info click ici

Want to register? Pour s’inscrire, cliquez ici

 September – December, 2018

Application deadline is April 1, 2018 for the Fall 2018 program.

  • Living with families provide students a great opportunity to learn about daily life and culture in France while improving their French language skills.
  • Interested students must have completed, or be currently registered in, French 202 prior to participating in the program
  • Students must have at least a 2.5 overall GPA at the College of Charleston
  • Students must either already possess a valid passport or be able to obtain a valid passport
  • Students must apply for a student visa issued by the Consulate of France

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Any financial aid that a student currently has at the College of Charleston will apply like normal for their semester abroad in La Rochelle (ie. Life Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship, Federal Student Loans and Grants, etc.).  Students should meet with an advisor in the Office of Financial Assistance to determine exactly what aid a student is eligible for.

Additionally, the Center for International Education awards scholarships for the semester that are worth up to $2000. Learn more about the CIE scholarship.


Meeting for the Study Abroad Program in Fall 2018 in La Rochelle will take place on Thursday, February 1, at 5 p.m. in J.C. Long 402A (the classroom facing the elevator).


We will go over your stay with French families,  the courses in CUFLE (University of La Rochelle), the credits from CofC, scholarships and grants, your visa application, the excursions opportunities while you are there etc.

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